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fuel injection kits 
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Fuel injection System is a way of allowing fuel into automotive engines.  The fuel injection sytem is a different option than the automobile's carburetor.
Converting your old carbureted engine to a more efficient electronic fuel injection system just got a lot easier with Holley’s Avenger EFI fuel injection kits. Their universal kit uses easy plug-n-play connectors, a direct bolt-on throttle body and a hand-held tuner to install and run the system, plus, it’s designed to tune while you drive your car so you don’t need to be an expert to make it run correctly and the system can be upgraded to the more advanced Holley HP EFI system in the future. Holley built their excellent reputation on over 100 years of experience, which is why they’re one of the leaders in fuel delivery systems and the choice of every NASCAR team for the past four decades.

Bolting on the Holley 4 barrel throttle body from the Terminator multi-point EFI fuel injection kit will take your old engine into the modern age of efficiency and performance. The Terminator fuel injection system is an easy bolt-on kit that includes an ECU that is easy to set up and tunes itself as while you drive.

Holley’s Avenger Stealth Ram multi-point EFI fuel injection kit combines the bolt-on-and-go convenience of the Avenger EFI system with the Stealth Ram intake, which uses a tunnel ram design to produce impressive high-RPM power while retaining mid-range torque. The kit includes an Avenger ECU that’s easy to set up with the hand-held controller and actually self-tunes while you drive, selecting the best air-fuel ratio for performance and fuel economy.

EDELBROCK PRO-FLO 2 EFI SYSTEM -- 1000 CFM; Sequential multi-port injection style; Includes throttle body, intake manifold, fuel rails, injectors, calibration module, ECM, wiring harness, oxygen sensor, distributor, fuel pump, MAP sensor, IAT sensor, TPS sensor, IAC motor, and fuel pressure regulator; Features state-of-the-art flash programmable engine control unit powered by EFI technology; Fully sequential injector firing and limitless calibrations for improved fuel economy and incredible horsepower.

Take your muscle car into the modern age by replacing the carburetor with MSD’s Atomic EFI or build up your LS crate engine with a state of the art system. These kits include a self-tuning ECU, fuel line or rails, a fuel pump (on some systems), a power module, hand-held controller plus the wiring to make it easy to get you up and running and feeling power and response of modern fuel injection. From ignitions to distributors, starters to coils, from spark plugs to plug wires, there’s an MSD product to help get the most out of your engine.

PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS POWERJECTION III KIT, POLISHED -- 750 CFM; Includes throttle body with built-in idle air control, EMS, BAR MAP sensor, and throttle position sensor, air cleaner gaskets, four 62 lb./hr. port style injectors, dashboard software CD with comprehensive instruction manual, harnesses and connectors, coolant temperature sensor, oxygen sensor bung and clamps, and fuel inlet kit part number 70042 with EFI regulator part number 10685, EFI 220 L/H fuel pump part number 70151, EFI fuel filter part number 70160, and EFI fuel pressure gauge part number 11113; Features wideband oxygen sensor which provides far better performance and tuning; Most compact full featured EFI system.


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